Sunday, January 08, 2006

Theory's just an other word for doing nothing

So let stop theorising and start to develope some objectives. However there's no point to reinventing other peoples mistakes so here's a few links about the history and process of interactive web development.

If we are talking about creating the medium for an OSAS then we are talking about creating a low level type of social software. Visit that link to see a definition and taxonomy of social software so that we know we are all using the same terms. And check out this link to see some interesting comments and lots of other links on how you structure contributions to make it work. As a long term user of forums, etc I would endorse all those comments, the ones I have seen succeed have all worked in the way he suggests. And the ones that fail usually don't conform in one way or another (like flock which with Konqueror is my favourite browser but showing all the signs of collapsing without even getting to a version 1 release). So we do need to discuss process and we could let it develope as a thread of its own.

But there is no point to that discussion without getting on with the real issue which is for some Producers to produce some Content. My art history wiki is progressing but won't be up and going for a few months. I think something that someone (not me) might do is a listing and links to every known art school and course in Sydney with some comments about the quality? Comments from students who have done a particular course might provide a bit of a guide for other potential students (and provide infinite potential for defamation cases so a bit of light moderation might be in order). But these are just ideas to begin what I think is the very necessary thread outlining and beginning a few projects that we ourselves could do or at least start to do so that there is a bit of real content to attract others to this site.


Blogger lucazoid said...

this is great, ian. i think the relationship between social software and an open source art school is essential. can't wait to start doing wikis - the suggestion to do one about existing art schools is an interesting one. currently there is only anecdotal info you might hear from someone, and the art schools' own propaganda.

9:54 am  
Anonymous fanciful said...

Autonomous learning can be a frustrating process, especially when using models.

At uni I studied and failed to understand Peter Checkland's Soft Systems Methodology.

It was like studying dumbed down flow block diagrams, with simple pictures added to simplify it all, yet just adding confusion. After all it was all about messy real world situations.

A hermeneutic approach ( a continuum of (holistic) big picture issues and narrow (reductionist) technical problems was easier to comprehend.

But then model heaped upon model and then some theory and the great pitfall of reflection and vague demands for self analysis and assessment. It wasn't like science where fact builds upon fact.

Finally I cracked when I was asked to seek validation from others.

The road less travelled not strictly the most desirable road.

Be warned! Be rewarded!

12:14 am  
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