Friday, July 21, 2006

Art of war

Anything I could say about this would be inadequate. Thanks for the link, Zanny.

The ultimate cause is clueless right wing US politicians. If you want proof of how clueless some of them are, check this out, it's another artist's reponse to a different political issue, a musical version of Senator Ted Stevens bizarre and ignorant speech supporting corporate proposals to create a two class internet allowing priority access for the rich, crappy access for the rest of us. The Daily Show's explanation is very funny.


Anonymous Berkeley said...

Another month has gone by... so where is this new site?

12:48 pm  
Anonymous Elvy Sukaesih's Hair said...

We've been leading you unaware down the path of symbolic interactionism. I can see you're beginning to question things. You'll realise that you're learning something when you hit the wall - so to speak - with an experience based apotheosis, which can only benefit you as an adult learner if you take proactive steps in managing your goal focussed learning how to learn.

You've had enough concrete experience, Berks, now is the time to make sense of it all. With you hand on your heart you'll be able to present to us your learning outcomes, and also you are expected to identify gaps in your own knowledge and areas where you could better apply your knowledge.


2:01 pm  
Anonymous ben said...

i hadn't caught up with the net neutrality thing. reading it has made me reflect on the current situation in mexico. having a fairly politically active mexican partner has meant that i've been pretty well informed about the recent presidential elections there. unfortunately Bush's victory in Florida in 2000 seems to have found its parrallel south of the border. much of the information about what seems to be a fairly clear case of electoral fraud, (favouring a right wing candidate with family connections to the oil and engergy industries and the major media outlets in his pocket), has come through "los medios alternativos", i.e. blogs utube etc. perhaps the scariest thing about a failure to ensure net neutrality would be the silencing of the one relatively free medium available to social activists working to undermine the corruption, power and fear mongering of the religous right.

4:13 pm  
Anonymous Berkeley said...

I get it - there is no spoon.

7:05 pm  
Blogger Ian Milliss said...

Nor is there a blogspot for that matter berkeley. You may wish to leave a message there rather than here.

Silencing opposition is definitely on the agenda, ben, especially when you consider that US Homeland Security ran a wargame called "CyberStorm" earlier this year to practice responding to "devastating attacks over the Internet from anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers". Who said words would never hurt them, apparently words hurt so much that they regard people like us as terrorists to be dealt with in due course. More at

8:41 pm  

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