Friday, December 09, 2005

an opening on an open discussion

just elaborating on what you said about everyone having to produce and modify the curriculum, it could be that "enrolling" in the open source art school might involve a compulsory contribution to the curriculum, with the initial "students" (we would all be students right?) providing material which would then be rewritten by future students as part of their course work, (course work would be literally just that, working on the course). It seems to me that blogs and discussion groups would be the obvious place to start with a view to making the open source art school as accessible as possible (I mean that in a practical rather than intellectual sense, course content would obviously be left to those who fiddle with it).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is all quite exciting, that you have got this started up and running. I would like to suggest , enrolment be a physical thing as well as online. one thing that keeps dys feed going is meeting up regulary , face to face. If we didnt , it would make it harder to get projects up and running.

8:08 am  
Anonymous Ian Milliss said...

I wouldn't see curriculum as something that monolithic. I would see curriculum as simply a system for categorising all the contributions that in themselves may take any number of forms eg they may be listings of pre-existing courses in conventional institutions that we provide the facility for people to comment on, they may be projects run by ourselves or others, they may be an individual artist providing classes, they may be book reviews, they may be research projects, they may even be exhibition reviews that attempt a more rigorous examination of an exhibition than the usual whats-hot-and-whats-not fashionability test style of review. Some projects would be essentially private, some by groups and some would be wikis ie collaborative by anyone who cared to drop in. I would like to see defined levels of involvement in the sense that enrolling would allow a greater level of involvement than simply visiting the site and maybe commenting. I also think face to face meetings are a good idea but not in any obligatory sense (speaking as someone who has spent far too much of my life in public meetings).

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