Monday, May 01, 2006

Key thinkers - an open source

i can't think of a better place to plug free talk fests.
Last year's series of lectures was packed out - and I remember befor eI went bakc to uni tha tI was always desperate to find some intersting source of ideas.

So here's the cut and paste. Hope its useful

The Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences presents the
2006 Key Concepts Public Lecture Series. Seven free public lectures
presented by prominent University of Sydney thinkers exploring the
issues that affect our common existence.

Enlightening, at times entertaining and certain to provoke conversation,
the series will be presented on Wednesday evenings from 6.15pm to 7.30pm
at the Footbridge Theatre, Parramatta Road, The University of Sydney.

Launching the 2006 series, Andrew Fitzmaurice will present a lecture on
the concept of 'Terra nullius'.

The term has roused emotion ever since it first entered public debate in
the 1980s because it captured our sense of the injustice of Aboriginal
dispossession. In the past two years terra nullius has become doubly
emotive as a number of political commentators have sought to show that
the idea had no part in our history. Terra nullius certainly is
conspicuously absent from the historical record in Australia.

In this lecture, Fitzmaurice will propose, however, that terra nullius
was generated by the history of European colonisation, or European
'expansion'. It is because terra nullius was created by our historical
experience that it has exerted such a hold on contemporary political

Other lectures in the series are:
10 May 'Nationalism' Glenda Sluga
17 May 'Freedom' Duncan Ivison
24 May 'Truth' Huw Price
31 May 'Racism' Ghassan Hage
7 June 'Death' Jennann Ismael
14 June 'Globalisation' Raewyn Connell

Details of the full program can be found at

Venue: Footbridge Theatre, Parramatta Road, The University of Sydney
Time: 6.15pm - 7.30pm, Wednesday evenings
Entry: Free. No bookings necessary.
Contact: Nicholas Haskins
T: 9036 7219

Please join us for refreshments after the lecture.


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Looks interesting.

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