Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Loose Projects are doing an err... intervention into the biennale on sydney which opens this week.

In spoonerising the theme of this year's biennale, Loose are prviding a catalogue and a series of events tyring to showcase the actual art practices exisisitng in sydney - and align them with the internaitonal art star juggernaut of the biennale.

the CONES Of ZONTACT launch will be held this thursday 8th June at Level 2, 168 Day street Sdyney.

There''ll also be a roundtable discussion on this saturday 10th June from 6-8pm. same place.

Guest Speakers are:

Ian Milliss,
Rheuban Keenan
Zanny Begg
Margaret Mayhew

since 2 of the speakers are on this blog - I thought it would be worth promoting on the OSAS site!

I think the organisers hope to have a more general floor based discussion on the possibilities and limitations of the whole biennale thing in its currently evolved format.

is it parasitic? derivative? derogatory? bloody amazing? boring? irrelevant?

exscuse banal questions above and hope to see you at one of the above




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